Fuze company designs and manufactures TV signal products indoor antennas, outdoor antennas, signal boosters and distribution amplifiers. Fuze has developed its own technology and is regarded as a pioneer in this industry. With a quality assurance program and attention to customer needs. Fuze has distinguished itself among its customers and distribution channels.

The firm intends to import satellite receivers RADIX from United Kingdom. RADIX is a company working in the area of telecommunications. All of RADIX production facilities work to the quality standart layed down in ISO 9000 in United Kingdom.

Our main concern at Fuze is satisfied customers.
For this reason we wish to thank all of our customer and all our potential customers for taking the time to review what we have to offer.
We hope to serve you to the highest possible standart now and in the future.

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FUZE was established in 1979. Administration is composed by the general manager, the plant manager, the purchasing and sales manager. There are 95 employees with a mechanical and a electronic engineer.

Production plant consist of 17 press machines, 2 plastic injection machines, 3 Rohde & Schwarz Swob 5 and an automatic soldering machine. Factory occupy 2500 m2 closed area. In the quality control laboratory products are periodically being checked for any errors. Branch offices are the head of the plant. Product are designed in the research department.

We desing high performance products that meet the demands of the U.S and European market. OEM orders according to customers own product design will be highly welcomed! Total production capacity is 40000 pcs/month. Our sales are executed through area distributors. and dealers. We are exporting our products to Russia, Middle East Europe, Africa and USA

Referances in Turkey and World are;

While that are the big companies in the world in the
hipermarket and electronic market field, was prefering to work with Fuze

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