When the mains lead is connected, the aerial switches to the "Standby" position.

To turn the aerial on, hold any of remote control's buttons in for 3 seconds. Initialy,the aerial switches to the "IN" (indoor) position and the red, "IN" LED lights up

To switch to the "OUT" (outdoor) position, with the green LED lights up, press any of the remote control's buttons quickly 4 times. On the back of the aerial, there is a plug for the outdoor aerial (cable not included).

To rotate the aerial, hold any of the remote control's buttons is for 4 seconds, when it is position is "IN" (indoor). To change direction, release the button and then press it within 4 seconds. If more than 4 seconds pass, you will need to press for another 4 seconds.
Note 1: You can not change direction, when the aerial is the "OUT" (outdoor) position.
Note 2: When the aerial rotates, it will automatically reverse direction once it has reached the end of each rotation.

To return to the "Standby" position, press any of the remote control's buttons quickly 3 times, while holding the button in for slightly longer the third time (for at least 2 seconds)

If, during rotation, the aerial is stopped manually or by some other obstacle, it will attempt to change direction 3 times. Following this the microprocessor will stop the motor and the "IN" LED will flash for 5 seconds. The aerial with begin to operate again once the obstacle concerned has been removed.

If operational interruptions occur, you can reset the microprocessor by disconnecting the mains lead for 5 seconds, and then reconnecting the plug. The aerial will return to the "Standby" position.

It is possible to use any other infrared remote control available in your home.

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